Friday, August 05, 2005

Scriptures: Calvinist and Arminian?

I came across this interesting question in McKnights post Post-Calvinism: So what?

"is it possible that some biblical writers are more Arminian and some more Calvinist? If so, we'd have to ask in what the unity of Scripture consists. Does it consist in a systematic theology that somehow is behind everything said or does it consist in the essence of the gospel and the summons to live before God in the community of faith? That's for another time, but this is an area that deserves to be explored."

This struck me as interesting. I have had many debates over predestination and related issues, but never once considered that there may be a diversity in opinion among the biblical authors on this issue. I am of the opinion that scripture contains much theological diversity, and that we should not seek to locate unity "in a systematic theology that somehow is behind everything said". Rather it lies in the story the scriptures tell and follow. I wonder what implications this has for systematic theology??

The suggestion that unity lies in the essence of the gospel has much merit. But as I see it, the gospel encapsulates the entire biblical grand-narrative (in its bare borns) although possibly emphasizing the Jesus event. The Jesus event, Jesus himself, only makes sense within the greater story.

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