Thursday, August 04, 2005

Morality? Part 1

What makes something moral? Indeed, what is "morality"?

I find this mind-boggling to ask as the answer is so clear. Morality concerns "right" and "wrong". But right and wrong about what? We odviously here dont mean right and wrong in the same sense that we mean true and false, so what do we mean?

When it comes to an actual issue, such as murder, it is clear to us that it is a "moral" or "ethical" issue. We can be quick to respond that murder is morally wrong. But when we say that this is morally wrong, do we mean that the action itself is wrong or that it would be a bad decision to make for whatever other reasons? More often than not I suspect that people intend the first, but this raises the problem.

Where does the line between a moral action and an amoral action breakdown or meet? [1] Can we make such a distinction between moral and amoral, indeed, do we pen the line? [2]

[1] We should also add states of affairs and attitudes of the heart and/or mind.
[2] I suspect that for some, this line will be much thicker than for others. Those who affirm a sharp distinction and those that are not so sure.

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