Thursday, August 04, 2005

Morality? Part 3

So how do we define morality? Our defentition will lead to how we decide what is morally "right" and "wrong". The answer I can give is that morality is grounded in the created order. But I do not think this is something that we can uncover by reason alone. Something is "right" if it agrees with God's design plan, and "wrong" if it does not. This plan can only be discovered through divine revelation because humanity has beem seperated from God. It is thus grounded both in the will of God and in creation itself.

This may pose an interesting answer to the question of whether violence is morally wrong. If it is contrary to the created order, which I believe it is as it resulted from humanities fractured relationsihp with God (see Gen 2-4), then one may say that it is morally wrong. But what of God commanding armies? It was in the wise service of the created order and purpose was it not? God is no arbitrary despot, but a merciful redeemer. Is violence inherently wrong? According to this train of thought, no. Not when used in wise service of the creation.

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