Thursday, August 04, 2005

A defenition of hermeneutics -quote-

This is my favourite defenition of hermeneutics proper.

Hermeneutics entails critical reflection on the basis, nature and goals of reading, interpreting and understanding communicative acts and processes. This characteristically concerns the understanding of texts, especially biblical or literary texts, or those of another era or culture. However, it also includes reflection on the nature of understanding human actions, sign-systems, visual data, institutions, artefacts or other aspects of life. In biblical studies it applies traditionally to the interpretation of texts, but also the interweaving of language and life both within the horizon of the text and the within the horizons of traditions and the modern reader.

Anthony Thiselton, ‘Biblical studies and theoretical hermeneutics’, p.95, in John Barton (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Biblical Interpretation (Cambridge: Cambridge, 1998) pp.95-113

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