Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Words from the Fathers

I recently had jury service, and although I didnt end up partaking in a trial, the bus rides to and from the city and the sometimes lenghty times of simply waiting, gave me the oppertunity to do some relaxing reading. So I decided to read the works of some of the 'Apostolic Fathers' as found in Maxwell Staniforth's Early Christian Writings: The Apostolic Fathers (Penguin, 1968, 1975). Iv'e decided to post those that I found interesting or challenging.

The first is from Ignatius of Antoich's Epistle to the Magnesians. Loving each other can often be a difficult thing, especially when the Other has caused us hurt in some way. Here are some wise words, which once again point to a truly valuable sort of love, that which looks beyond oneself for the sake of the Other:
Everyone should observe closest conformity with God; you must show every consideration for one another, never letting your attitude to a neighbour be affected by your human feelings, but simply loving each other consistently in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

(Ignatius of Antioch, The Epistle to the Magnesians, 6)


Michael F. Bird said...

Glad to have ya back Ed. I was just about to cut your link from my site. I liked your reflections on Wright.

eddie said...

Well, just in the nik of time then. MY blogging efforts are now set to resume