Monday, November 07, 2005

formating woes

Sorry for the delay, formatting is giving me grief. Im trying to copy paste from Microsoft Word but it screws with the formatting and it comes out with different fonts and sizes throughout the post. Anyone know a better way to do this?


Michael F. Bird said...

Ed, Re: NT Theology, check out some of Scot McKnight's postings at Jesus Creed.

Otherwise, Raisanen and Balla are the books to read. As for actual NT theologies, Caird and Ladd are the best one's on the conservative side - though Bultmann is a classic.

Ben Myers said...

Yeah, Bultmann's NT theology is superb -- and if you read this, a lot of the later discussion will make more sense.

Ben Myers said...

Oh and I meant to add: you could try converting your Word doc to RTF doc (rich text format), and then pasting it in. I don't know if this would help, but it would at least get rid of any unnecessary formatting code.

eddie said...

Thanx for that Mike.

Ben. I saved the file as RTF, opened it with Wordpad were I removed most formatting. Then copy pasted it and it worked fine. cheers

Rhett said...


I did a search for 'Carey Baptist College' and found your blog! It's been a while, I can't believe you went off and got married and had a baby since I last saw you :)

That's amazing!

I have a blog too if you want to check it out...

I'm working in the Sounds store at the Airport at present, saving up cus I'm getting married in January. But I fully intent to finish my degree... someday :).

How's life treating you?

eddie said...

dude, long time.

Yeh, I heard about your engagement. Congrats!

Lifes good for me, semester is about to finish and Im looking for fulltime work.

I'l check out your blog. Good to hear from you