Tuesday, November 01, 2005

blog role update

I have updated the blog role, adding two new blogs, Codex by Tyler F. Williams and Brainpoo by Chris Tilling. I have found Tyler's posts on historiography to be very helpful, and Chris is always humorous and informing. I have finally got around to changing the link to Scot McKnights blog Jesus Creed (the adoption of the original URL for porn pushed me into action).

The recent drought in bloggin is due to preoccuptation with completing my research paper and finding a job for the summer break. I hope to have it finished by the end of the week and will post it in parts for all to read and rip to pieces.


Tim said...

Ed, you might also try Chris Heard at http://www.heardworld.com/higgaion/

eddie said...

hi Tim!

I'll check it out

Chris Tilling said...

Hi Ed,
Thanks for the honour of including me in your blog role! I've actually been visting your page for a while now although I cannot remeber what exactly led me here. Perhaps it was your post 'Diversity and Contradiction in the Bible' which I found helpful.
All the best,