Saturday, April 23, 2005

Symbol and Counter-Action

Reading over the latest post from Primal Subversion ‘The Counter Imperial Cross’, I wonder (assuming that the significance is rightly grasped) how this would translate into a 21st century western setting. Are there any cultural symbols that hold the same feelings of domination, power and of violent suppression, and at the same time can be picked up (no pun intended) to indicate an antithetical protest against such a power?

And further, what would it mean to stand in protest to it? What praxis might the metaphorical ‘picking up and carrying’ imply or require? Is it simply to ‘follow him [Jesus]’? And thus to pick up ones cross is synonymous to following him as the true King rather than Caesar (or any other claimant), and his proposed praxis rather than Imperial order (or any other order)?

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